Headed by the Lebanese entrepreneur and electrical engineer Mr. Elie Abi Gerges, Technopower was founded with a vision that enabled the company to grow since 1990.

Its early history is best defined as a family business that aimed to develop beyond a limited terrain. Today, Technopower has been able to establish itself as a leading company inside and outside the Lebanese market aiming for increased international exposure. With various and differentiated contracts, Technopower has been able to meet customer demands and provide constant assistance, supervision, and consultation with a guaranteed on-time completion of contracts. The company prides itself with its KNX certification.

The Company’s key functions include the production and the exportation of control panels for industrial use, such as factories, workshops and showrooms. The raw materials and inputs for the fabrication of these panels are imported exclusively and directly from the source, and after being produced and assembled by the company’s engineers, these panels are either sold to the local industrial market or exported overseas.

This trade is formed of two parts:
I. The Contracting Component
II. The Sales Component

Our Mission

Technopower's mission is to become a green and sustainable company. Technopower has already started a campaign called Techno "Green" Power, which is having green energy as its main source of energy in all its branches.

Our Vision

Technopower's vision is to become one of the most leading companies in the electrical engineering sector both locally and internationally. Locally, Technopower already is among high end leading companies.


Meet Our Team Members
Elias Abi Gerges

Elias Abi Gerges

The brains of it all. Mr. Elias Abi Gerges founded Technopower in 1990, and was able to make it grow beyond its limited terrain.
Gilbert Assaad

Gilbert Assaad

Sr. Electrical Engineer
Having worked in both the technical and engineering part of our company, Eng. Gilbert Assaad is one of the most skillful engineers we have.
Jacob Abi Gerges

Jacob Abi Gerges

Electrical Engineer
Eng. Jacob Abi Gerges, always an enthusiast about new technologies, is our most skillful low current engineer in and out of the field.